Here is a step by step manual on tracking setup between Zeydoo and Bemob.

  1. In Bemob go to Affiliate networks tab, click New from template and select Zeydoo from the list. Then copy postback URL for further implementing on the side of Zeydoo.

2. Postback should look like this:{ymid}&payout={amount}

Insert the postback url to the according field in the Postback tab:

3. In Zeydoo select the offer you would like to work with and get the target url.

4. Go to Bemob Offers tab and click New:

  • add the offer name;

  • specify the geo of offer;

  • select Zeydoo as Affiliate Network;

  • place the offer in the URL section;

  • press Save to store the settings.

5. To pass the data of source ID you need to replace the parameter with the custom1 like this: &var={custom1}

6. If you want to pass click ID manually the ymid={clickId} part should be added at the end of each offer URL from Zeydoo and the automatic click ID passing should be switched off in the Zeydoo template.

7. Setup complete!

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