Here is a step by step manual on tracking setup between Zeydoo and Binom.

  1. In Binom go to Affiliate networks tab and click on 'Create' button. In the opened window press 'Load from catalog':

You will see the list of available networks. Find Zeydoo in the given list and copy the postback from the field accordingly.

2. Go to Postback tab in your Zeydoo account and paste the copied postback URL.

3. Select the offer you would like to work with in Zeydoo and get the target URL, then copy it.

4. Go back to the Binom account (Offers tab) and click on 'Create'. Fill in the name of your offer, paste the Target URL and select the Zeydoo network in the '' field. As we have created the network on the first step, postback and the token will be added automatically.

5. Setup complete!

If you have any questions you can always contact our Support Team via live chat or

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