Here is a step by step manual on tracking setup between Zeydoo and Redtrack.

  1. In your Redtrack account go to Offer sources tab and click 'New':

Find Zeydoo from the list and Add it:

In the opened window copy the automatically generated postback:

2. Go to your Zeydoo account, open Postback tab and paste the copied postback from the previous step:

3. Choose the offer you would like to work with and generate the Target URL, then copy it.

4. In Redtrack go to Offers tab and click on 'New' button:

5. Fill in the name of the offer, choose Zeydoo affiliate network, paste the Target URL and don't forget to replace the parameters for passing conversions and traffic source var=(sourceid} and ymid={clickid}.

6. Setup complete!

If you have any questions please contact us via live chat or send a message to

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