Here is a step by step manual on tracking setup between Zeydoo and Propellerads.

  1. In your Propellerads account go to tracking tab, choose Other tracker or CPA network option and copy the postback.

2. Log in to your Zeydoo account, open Postback tab and paste the copied postback from Propellerads. You need to replace parameters visitor_id={ymid}&payout={amount} manually and press save.

3. Choose the offer you would like to work with, generate and copy the target url.

4. Return to Propellerads account, go to Tracking tab and paste the target url to the test conversion tracking field. You also need to replace manually parameters var={zoneid}&ymid=${SUBID}

5. It is highly recommended to test conversion tracking and perform the action considered to be a conversion to ensure setup is correct. After that you can launch campaign on Propellerads.

6. Setup complete!

If you have any questions please contact our support team via live chat or write to

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