What you should know before setting up your tracker:



  • main parameters, responsible for information transfer:

  • subid – a parameter, responsible for conversions transfer

source – a parameter that indicates which traffic sources drive traffic

payout – a parameter, responsible for tracking the conversion cost


  • main parameters responsible for information transfer:

ymid – a parameter, responsible for conversions transfer

var – a parameter that indicates which traffic sources drive traffic

amount – a parameter, responsible for tracking the conversion cost

goal – a parameter for offers with a double conversion that transfers information about the taken action where goal=1 – registration, goal=2 – deposit, or CC submit

  1. Create an Affiliate Network in Keitaro

Choose the Affiliate Network tab and click Create:

2. You will see a window for CPA network creation, the part of the postback will be already there, collected based on your server IP address and unique ID:

Since Zeydoo isn’t on the list of predefined CPA networks, you will need to create it by yourself. Enter a name and add to postback the main parameters, responsible for data transfer:

3. Save the Affiliate Network and copy Postback URL.

4. Log in to your personal Zeydoo account and open a page with a chosen offer. In the Offer Postback Settings section, paste the copied Keitaro postback. Don’t forget to save it:

5. Create an offer in Keitaro as well. Copy the target URL from the page with a chosen Zeydoo offer:

6. Then go back to your cabinet in Keitaro and click create in the Offers tab:

7. In the opened window put the offer name, choose Zeydoo.com as your Affiliate Network, and paste a copied offer URL from your personal account in Zeydoo.

Important: parameters for transferring information on clicks and conversions should be replaced by the corresponding Keitaro ones: ymid={subid}&amount={payout}&var={source}.

8. At this point, all the settings are ready and you can continue with campaign creation inside the tracker. Open the campaigns tab and click Create:

9. In the opened window, enter the company name and create Stream (read more about Stream: https://blog.keitaro.io/en/streams-and-filters-in-keitaro/):

10. In the next window, in the Schema tab, you need to choose your previously created offer and add it to Stream:

11. Make sure to save your campaign, then the Integration section will be opened. You will see a campaign link, which you can use for the campaign launch. Also, you can create and add an advertising network with your own macros for data transferring – they will be added to the offer automatically.

The targeting setting is completed!

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